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illegal smile

Illegal Smile
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Ed, or songwriter2552

Welcome to illegal smile...

I hope you'll find something here to amaze and amuse you.  Something to cause you to chuckle and smile, or cause you to wonder, or to make you think...Mostly, I hope you'll enjoy your visit here, and I hope you'll tell all your friends about me.  Please feel free to sign into My guestbook or to contact me.  I'll make every attempt to respond in a timely manner...

It's my entourage...

In addition to being a forum for artistic and intellectual interaction, I'm hoping this site will help me to a better overall understanding of life by shedding some light on deep questions I have about the world and life in general...
Such as...
Why do we have drive-up ATM's with braille writing?
Why do banks leave the front doors open, but chain the pens to the desk?
And sooooo many more.



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Here's a song I've been working on, called:  Don't tell Mama...

click here to download "Dont Tell Mama"

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